Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eva Lynd..The Girl on the Sweat Mag Cover by Dave Goode

Born Eva Von Fielitz on Sept.2,1937 in Orgyte,Sweden,Lynd posed for glamour girl pin-up pics and appeared as eye-candy on television shows and in movies. She was best known however for her appearances on the covers of "men's sweat magazines". She was a favorite model of Norm Eastman,Al Rossi and Bruce Minney. She was recognizable as the lingerie-clad victims of Nazi brutality. Other times she'd be a sexy resistance fighter battling alongside American GIs and British commandos. And on still other occasions she was the SS She-Wolf torturing a captured P.O.W. If there was more than one woman in the scene look carefully. Chances are it was Eva with different hair coloring.

I was watching the camp classic
SHE DEMONS again the other day and was struck by how
much the story resembled something
out of a sweat mag. Only with more of a sci-fi/horror bent. 

Then I began to imagine
this flick starring Eva Lynd
and Steve Holland instead
of Irish McCalla and Todd Griffin.
Hmmm. Irish McCalla might have
made a good model for Pat Savage
as well. Tarzan actors like Buster
Crabbe, Herman Brix, Lex Barker
would have been great
portraying Doc Savage. Heck
TV's Tarzan of the 1960s Ron Ely
actually did play Doc in a
70s flick.So it's not hard to
imagine McCalla, the definitive
Sheena Queen of the Jungle
portraying Pat Savage..
the Girl of Bronze.

Written by Dave Goode

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  1. Funny thing is that in the Doc Savage books the Man of Bronze and his cousin are described as having bronze-colored hair.But ever since the Doc Savage movie where Ron Ely played the character as blond a lot of artists have illustrated Doc with hair lighter than his skin.While in the books it's the other way around.

  2. Had it not been for Bama's interpretation on the first Lancer book, I would have likely not been drawn into the world of Doc in my teens. What a great discovery that was!

    1. I hear you Bob.Bama was to Doc Savage as Frazetta was to Conan the Barbarian.

  3. I agree with Mr. Besco, Bama's art sold me on the Doc Savage "look". Eva Lynd was the perfect model to go with Steve Holland's male heroes and antagonists on those wonderful magazine covers.