Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Science Fiction Double-Feature by Dave Goode

When I was a kid back in the 60s I was introduced to a number of cool movies through New York's MILLION DOLLAR MOVIE on WOR Channel 9.Two of those flicks were WORLD WITHOUT END(1956) and QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE(1958).


WORLD WITHOUT END was directed by Edward Bernds who directed a number of Three Stooges shorts and Bowery Boys movies.The screenplay,also by Bernds,had just about all the pulp sci-fi cliches an 8 year old fan-boy could want.Four astronauts returning from a mission to Venus when their ship begins traveling at unheard of velocities.They crash land on what they first think is Mars.But is what they find out to be the post-apocalyptic Earth of 2508.There they encounter a dog-sized cave spider,mutant cavemen and an underground civilization populated by men who look like the "before" in before and after ads and women who could have walked out of a Vegas chorus-line.The men from the past help to trigger the rebirth of the human race.

I imagined an adaptation of this movie drawn by Al Williamson or Frank Frazetta.Or many the pair working together.

QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE(1958) was also directed by Edward Bernds.With a screenplay by Charles Beumont from a story by Ben Hecht this was more great pulp sci-fi brought to life on the big screen.

Four more space explorers from Earth crash land on Venus.Our heroes are taken prisoner by the Vesuvians who just happen to be stunningly beautiful women.They have imprisoned the men and taken over the planet under the rule of the domineering masked Queen Yllana.Yllana has a plan to destroy the Earth.But our heroes save the day with the help of some dissenting Vesuvians led by the beautiful scientist Talleah played by Zsa Zsa Gabor.

It's funny.I know there was never a comic book adaptation of this flick.But in my mind's eye I see one adapted by Wally Wood. 

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  1. Lynn Cartwright was one of the stunning Vesauvian women in QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE.She was married to veteran movie tough guy Leo Gordon.It's easy to picture the couple playing Mike Hammer and VELDA.

  2. World Without End has one of the best single scenes in any sci-fi movie.

    The crew realizes they're back on Earth in the future after then find an overgrown graveyard with tombstones dating long after they left the planet.

    This is the Time Machine ripoff that Rod Taylor made before he made The Time Machine! The plot is basically Eloi vs Morlocks only they've switched locations w/Eloi underground and Morlocks on the surface.

    The same stock footage of a rocket crash landing from Trip To Mars was used in both films!

  3. I always wondered if WWE poster inspired Steve Rude's design for Nexus

  4. I always thought with a little tweaking World Without End could have been a Challengers of the Unknown flick.