Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Starring Steve Holland by Dave Goode

I was about twelve or so when I discovered "men's sweat mags". The attraction was immediate and obvious. Colorful covers with steely-eyed,square-jawed American servicemen rescuing lingerie-clad women from the hordes of Hitler and Hirohito. Or maybe an American G.I. stripped to the waist and threatened with torture by some SS She-Wolf. Then there were the jungle-themed covers. Rugged safari guides protecting blondes in torn blouses from savage tribesmen or untamed animals. This was wonderfully parodied by Frank Frazetta on a National Lampoon cover. Even better were the occasional covers that had intrepid explorers captured by a tribe of Amazons , stripped to the waist and again threatened with torture. Or better yet...a "fate worse than death".

Of course the model used for many of these heroic he-men was Steve Holland. A little while back I began imagining a parallel world where Steve Holland became a huge star in B-Movies based on the stories found in the pages of men's sweat mags. Movies like the Ilsa flicks starring Dyanne Thorne. But with less nudity and sex. Or like the Johnny Weissmuller Jungle Jim movies with a bit of implied nudity and sex. Flicks with titles like " Escape From The Torture Chamber of the SS She-Wolf ". Or "I Was The Love Slave of the Panther Women of Cozi-Cozi Island ".Talking about this with buddy Vance Capley we had the idea to give you some idea what that parallel world might look like with a few faux movie posters and lobby card.

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  1. Gosh darn! Wish I could just pull out the DVDs and watch these.