Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Masked Detective Comics by Dave Goode

Fawcett and then Charlton Comics would publish a series of Nyoka comics based on the Nyoka character from the serial THE PERILS OF NYOKA(1942) starring Kay Aldridge as Nyoka Gordon. Frances(no relation to Frank)Gifford had previously played jungle girl Nyoka Meredith in the serial JUNGLE GIRL(1941). So I ask again,why no Masked Marvel comic book?

In that alternate universe I sometimes find myself inhabiting there was a Masked Marvel feature starring the hero from the Republic serial. Republic itself instead of just licensing their popular characters to Fawcett or some other comic book company they would publish the comics themselves churning out comics starring their own galaxy of western stars. But more importantly they would have put out a comic titled MASKED DETECTIVE COMICS featuring the continued adventures of not only the Masked Marvel but the Copperhead as well.Heaven knows the Copperhead deserved a sequel after THE MYSTERIOUS DR.SATAN(1940).

There would be a comic book sequel to the Masked Marvel serial in the world. It came in 1990 from AC Comics. It was featured in CLIFFHANGER COMICS 1A and was written by Jodi Ensign and illustrated by Mark Heike and John Dell with a cover utilizing a still from the original serial.


  1. There was a Golden Age Masked Marvel comic book.But it had nothing to do with the Republic serial hero.

    1. You can read a few of those books at http://comicbookplus.com/?cid=1243